For restroom use. Eliminates odors resulting from organic material penetrating grout and below the tile.
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Bio1000™ Formulated for Cruise Lines Holding Tanks, Marina Holding Tanks and RV use.
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BioKleen FS™

BioKleen FS™ – Specifically formulated for food service drain lines and grease traps to eliminate odors and reduce blockage.
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BioSolve™ – Formulated for Septic system and tank treatments for both residential and commercial systems, liquefies solid waste and paper to eliminate blockages and keep lines clear.
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ClenZyme™ Enzymatic Floor Cleaner is a specially formulated floor cleaning solution for use in commercial kitchens and food service facilities to remove accumulated grease, oils and soil from tiled floor surfaces, neutralize the odors associated with deeply contaminated grout and sub‐floor materials. ClenZyme is water based, non‐hazardous and non‐toxic. ClenZyme™ will deeply penetrate below the tile surface and through the grout lines where the biological and enzymatic action works to digest and eliminate built‐up fats and oils and their resulting odors.
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Green Cleaner is formulated to be an all purpose cleaning and degreasing agent with a wide variety of uses ranging from general use to commercial and industrial applications. Green Cleaner has the advantages of being a non-toxic, nonflammable, non-hazardous concentrate which contains no phosphates and is biodegradable.
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PetZyme™ – Specially formulated for Carpet Cleaning. Deep penetrating, long lasting odor elimination.
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National Guardian Wood Treatment is a specially formulated penetrating sealer and conditioner which reacts with properties inherent in all wood and wood-based materials. Wood Treatment is an aqueous compound which works from the inside and becomes an integral component of the material.
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