Wood Treatment



National Guardian Wood Treatment is a specially formulated penetrating sealer and conditioner which reacts with properties inherent in all wood and wood-based materials. Wood Treatment is an aqueous compound which works from the inside and becomes an integral component of the material. Wood Treatment provides the following benefits:

– Seals against water penetration and damage
– Aids in preventing damage from mildew
– Resists warping and cracking
– Resists insect damage
– Increases resistance to fire
– Improves adhesion of other coatings

National Guardian Wood Treatment is not a surface coating which will wear off or be affected by weather or ultra-violet radiation. Treatment with National Guardian Wood Treatment does not change the appearance of most wood species. As a non-toxic, non-flammable, odorless, clear, acid resistant compound, National Guardian Wood Treatment greatly extends the useful life of wood products and structures without environment impact.

The increase in fire resistance is a distinct advantage of National Guardian Wood Treatment over other methods and products. Wood Treatment will resist the de-laminating tendencies commonly associated with flame retarding compounds. By reacting with and altering the materials utilized by insects as a food source, Wood Treatment negates the damage of insect infestation.


National Guardian Wood Treatment should be applied to materials that are free of paints, coatings or other foreign materials. Pressure treated woods are acceptable for use with Wood Treatment and the moisture-proofing benefit of Wood Treatment will prevent the qualities of pressure treating chemicals from leaching from the wood.


Dilutant: None. Use as supplied
Freeze Temp: 32 °F
Freeze Harm: None
Clean-Up: Water
Shelf Life: Infinite
Odor: None
Toxicity: None
Flammability: None
Fumes: None
Coverage per U.S. gallon: 150-350 s.f.


Existing Surfaces
Surfaces to be treated must be clean and free from foreign matter or surface coating. Clean surfaces by means appropriate to the project.

New Surfaces
Usually require no special preparation, however all materials to be treated should be as dry as possible before application of Wood Treatment. Do not apply National Guardian Wood Treatment at temperatures at or expected to fall below freezing. Extremely dense or old wood should be washed with National Guardian Pre-Treatment and allowed to dry prior to the application of Wood Treatment.


SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Do not dilute National Guardian Wood Treatment with other liquids or compounds. Use as supplied. Saturate the surface with Wood Treatment by brush, roller, mop or low pressure spray. Special requirements or volumes may be treated by immersion or dipping and treated materials should be stored to allow maximum air circulation.

Apply liberally and allow for full saturation. Vertical applications should be applied from bottom to top with approximately a three inch run-down. Treated materials should be allowed to dry for three to five days before the application of paints or stains.


All products distributed by National Guardian are of the highest quality materials and warranted to conform to the manufacturer’s quality standards. All statements and recommendations are based on information and experience believed to be reliable. A distributor only obligation shall be to replace such quantity of products as is proved to be defective. The use and application of this product and information, being beyond the use and control of the manufacturer and/or distributor, the manufacturer and/or distributor, makes no warranty, expressed or implied as to results or hazards from use. The manufacturer and/or distributor shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damage, direct or indirect, incidental, subsequential or consequential arising from the use or inability to use the product. The suitability, risk and liability whatsoever of a product for an intended use shall be solely up to the user.

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