Green Cleaner



Green Cleaner is formulated to be an all purpose cleaning and degreasing agent with a wide variety of uses ranging from general use to commercial and industrial applications. Green Cleaner has the advantages of being a non-toxic, nonflammable, non-hazardous concentrate which contains no phosphates and is biodegradable.

Green Cleaner is a unique blend of surfactants, solubilizers and emulsifying compounds which act to break up oils and grease into tiny fractions and to keep those fractions in solution for a residue-free surface after rinsing. Its penetrating action allows it to effectively clean all types of surfaces even deep into concrete.

Green Cleaner does not contain Butyl Cellusolve, a water soluble solvent contained in many other cleaning compounds to increase the efficiency of industrial cleaners. Green Cleaner has been formulated to meet the requirements for approval by the U.S.D.A. for use in federally inspected facilities and incidental contact situations.

Some examples for the use of Green Cleaner are: Counter Tops, Floors, Walls, Painted Surfaces, Vinyl, Plastic; Fleet Vehicle Wash, Tank Cleaning, Degreasing and Cleaning Kitchens and Food Preparation Areas, Oil and Gasoline Spill Clean-Up, Floor Scrubbers, Pressure Washing and Steam Cleaners, Automotive and Machine Shops, Parts Cleaning and Engine Degreasing, Driveways, Docks and Piers, Boat Bilges, Ships Holds and many more.


Green Cleaner is a highly concentrated blend of surfactants, solubilizers and emulsification agents. Green Cleaner must be diluted prior to use.


Green Cleaner should not be used without dilution directly on vinyl or plastic surfaces as permanent spotting may occur.


Dilutant Sp. Gravity: Water
Boil Point: Shelf Life: 1.056
Solvent/Clean Up: 212 °F
Odor: None
Color: Green
Toxicity: None
Flammability: None
Environ. Hazard: None
Polymerized Content: None
pH: 12 to 13


• Apply Green Cleaner by mop, spray, brush or other device appropriate to intended task.
• Label dilutions are for example and guide only. Adjustment may be necessary due to soilage conditions.
• Do not dilute Green Cleaner with liquids other than water. Never mix Green Cleaner with acids or chlorine.
• Heavily soiled or grease saturated areas may require additional penetrating time or repeat applications.
• Rinse thoroughly with water when cleaning is complete.


See product data sheet.


GENERAL USE: Apply by spray, mop, etc. Agitate severe spots, rinse thoroughly for residue-free surface.
NORMAL CLEANING: Shop machinery, automotive or aircraft engines, farm equipment, bilges, decks, water-line scum, rigs and drilling platforms.
HEAVY CLEANING: De-gassing tanks, and barges, engine rooms and soot, oil stained concrete.
SEVERE CLEANING: Holding tanks, grease traps, black magic, crude oil, Bunker C.


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