Guardian HF - Floor Safety Solution


National Guardian HF is a one step process to decrease the potentials for slip and fall incidents in conditions of wet or damp floor surfaces by increasing the slip resistance without affecting the appearance, quality or integrity of the surface. Guardian HF is a standalone, highly effective process to enhance the characteristics of the flooring surface to reduce slip and fall potentials of mineral substrates.

National Guardian HF is easily applied by your in-house maintenance staff or contract facilities services personnel. Examples: Kitchens, Restrooms, Lobbies, Entryways, Sidewalks, Patios, Physical and Hydro Therapy Rooms, etc.

National Guardian HF is formulated to enhance the natural surface characteristics of flooring surfaces such as tile, stone, concrete or brick and to increase the slip resistance of this material when damp or wet. It is quickly and easily applied, does not require curing or long drying times and the floor is quickly returned to full accessibility and normal use. National Guardian HF is extremely cost effective when properly applied. Coverage per gallon will depend on a variety of conditions such as interior or exterior use, weather and temperature and the porosity of the material to be treated, but average coverage is anticipated to be between 500 to 800 square feet per gallon. Recommended application tool is a low pressure sprayer with a misting tip.

National Guardian HF is not intended for use on painted, sealed, or coated surfaces. It is not necessary to change your normal care or cleaning practices or to use costly special cleaning products. National Guardian HF is designed to be effective in conditions of damp or wet flooring surfaces and will not be effective in conditions of physical or mechanical defects or impediments such as snow, ice or debris.

National Guardian HF is guaranteed to remain effective for at least two (2) years when properly applied and maintained. The durability and very competitive price combine to make National Guardian HF extremely cost effective.


National Guardian warrant only that product will enhance the slip resistance of appropriate surfaces to which it is properly applied. Guardian HF does not warrant against slips and falls. See warranty literature for details of limitations, conditions and exclusions. When properly applied to appropriate surfaces Guardian HF is warranted to remain effective for two (2) years. The use and application of the product, being beyond the use and control of the manufacturer, manufacturer makes no warranty as to results or hazards from use. The suitability, liability and risk of the product shall be the responsibility of the user.

National Guardian HF is available in 1 gallon containers and 5 gallon pails.

NOTE: To enhance the safety of bathtubs and showers use National Guardian ST

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