NG OnGuard is a one step process to clean floors and increase the coefficient of friction and slip resistance. OnGuard may be used on wood, granite, marble, linoleum, vinyl, terrazzo and other resilient floor materials. OnGuard may also be used on acrylic sealers, waxes, waxed and polished finishes or synthetic and carnauba waxes. It is also effective in damp mopping, spray buffing and machine scrubbing operations. OnGuard is supplied as a concentrate and as a one step process is more practical and economical (labor and product cost) to use than multiple floor products. OnGuard will leave a shiny surface and can also be buffed to a high shine finish.


Acrylic – Wood
Polished – Marble and Granite
Sealed – Marble, Terrazzo, Stone
Waxed – Wood, Linoleum, Stone, Marble, Vinyl
Wet Look High Gloss – Vinyl, Linoleum


Dilutant – Water
Freeze Temp. – 32°F
Freeze Harm – None
Clean Up – Water
Odor – Slight
Fumes – None
Flammability – None


OnGuard is not intended for use on glazed or unglazed ceramic tile, cement, pool decks, quarry tile, porcelain and ceramic bathtubs. Solid surfaces and seamless epoxy floors should be tested for suitability BEFORE general use.

DO NOT mix OnGuard with other chemicals. Use only as directed.


Preparatory Work – Thorough dust mopping or sweep to remove loose debris prior to application Daily Cleaning – Mix 2 oz. of OnGuard per gallon of water and apply by mop. Rinsing is not requited, but if selected adjust concentration to 4 oz. per gallon. Heavily Soiled Floors – Mix 4 oz. OnGuard per gallon of water. Scrubbing recommended. If necessary mop twice with mixture.Initial High Gloss Restoration – Mix 8 oz. of OnGuard per gallon of water. Mop an even wet coat of the mixture and let dry. Buff the entire area.Waxed Surfaces – Mix 8 oz. of OnGuard per gallon of water. Mop an even wet coat of the mixture and let dry. Buff the entire area if high shine is desired. Spray Buffing – Mix 1 part OnGuard to 10 parts water and apply with a trigger sprayer. Use standard or high speed buffer equipment.


Use with white or red scrub pads
Initial Cleaning – Mix 8 oz. OnGuard per gallon of water.
Daily Cleaning – Mix 2 oz. OnGuard per gallon of water.
Heavily Soiled Floors – Mix 4 oz. OnGuard per gallon of water.

Clean application tools, machinery and spills with clean water.

For Best Results
Use OnGuard as a daily cleaner
DO NOT mix with other chemicals
Water rinse is NOT required.
Use cold water for extending the life of the finish

OnGuard surface film will be removed by normal cleaning. In order to maintain the benefits of the OnGuard it should be included in regular schedule floor maintenance procedure. The use of OnGuard is not intended to replace normal care and caution on dry and wet surface.


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