Basic Use
Natural Biological Treatments are used in various environments to control odor, eliminate waste products, general cleaning and sanitary control. The following are examples of their use: Restaurants may use treatments in grease traps to help keep lines open and control odors; cleaning companies use them to control odors; cruise ships and recreational vehicles use them to clean holding
tanks after dumping, janitorial companies use then in urinals and restroom cleaning and they may be used in treating septic systems to reduce solid waste and paper to liquid form to keep systems clear and flowing freely.

Method of Action

The products use naturally occurring bacteria found normally in the air (in very slight amounts) to produce desired results. Our products contain millions of bacteria in an inert state which are activated upon use to begin to degrade odors and waste particles. The organisms are active and productive as long as there is a food source for them. When the food source is gone, the bacteria cease activity and will die off.

We produce several concentrations for different uses under various brand names:
Bio1000™ (Cruise Ships|Marina Holding Tanks|RV),
BioSolve™ (Septic and Waste Treatment),
BioKleen™ (Restaurant |Kitchen Cleaner),
BioKleen FS™ (Food Service Drain Lines & Grease Traps),
BactiSolve™ (Restroom use),
PetZyme™ (Carpet Cleaning)

Packaging is available in Quarts (12 per case), Gallon Bottles (4 per case) and 5 gallon pails.
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