Anti-Graffiti Coating



“AGC” is a sacrificial, protective coating for masonry and stone materials to prevent or reduce the damage from paints, markers and inks. “AGC” is to be applied to surfaces which have been cleaned of past graffiti or to surfaces which have not yet been defaced in order to assist and simplify the removal of subsequent graffiti attack. When properly applied, “AGC” provides an almost invisible barrier to paint, ink and dye penetration and staining to concrete, mortar, stone, brick, stucco and block materials.

“AGC” is designed for exterior applications with little or no visible line of treatment to interfere with aesthetic value. “AGC” has the advantage of being safe, non-toxic, non-flammable coating which is easily applied without special equipment or training and may be easily removed for renovation, repainting or building repair.


“AGC” does not fall into a specific generic classification. “AGC” is a proprietary product manufactured under a closely held process, whose materials are characterized by the following properties:

  • Fluid Applied – No aerosol or propellants
  • VOC Compliant – No solvents
  • Non Flammable – Non hazardous
  • Water based, simple clean-up

“AGC” is not intended for use on enameled surfaces, vehicle finishes, glass or plastic. Limitations No one product will work in all instances. Differences in substrate conditions or weathering may interfere with effectiveness. Porosity of substrate and preparation will affect coverage rates.


Dilutant – None
Freeze Temp. – 32°F
Clean Up – Water
Odor – Slight
Shelf Life – 12 month
Flammability – None


“AGC” should not be applied when the following conditions exist: wet or frozen substrate, surface or air temperature below 45°F. or expected to fall below 45°F. within 24 hours or application. Precaution Keep containers tightly closed and away from children. For spray applications, utilize appropriate protective measures (goggles, vapor mask, etc.) to minimize contact with mist. Protect adjacent areas from overspray.


Read and follow all label instructions for “AGC” use. Always test a small area first before general application. “AGC” may be applied by roller, low pressure spray or brush. Do not over apply product; thin films are preferable. Allow 4 to 6 hours between applications for multiple coats. Product consumption will depend on the condition of the substrate, porosity, age and prior coating but should average approximately 200 to 300 square feet per gallon.


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