Concrete Cure



Concrete Cure is a non-toxic, non-hazardous aqueous solution to retard moisture loss in new concrete pours and tilt-up construction projects. Concrete Cure does not form a surface film but reacts with properties inherent in the concrete to become a part of the concrete itself and seal the surface to retard moisture loss through evaporation thus allowing the mix water to remain longer and produce a more uniform hydration and gel formation and ensures a more rapid development of early strength. As a non-film forming product, Concrete Cure will not affect the surface of the concrete for later use.


Concrete Cure is a chemically active treatment utilizing materials with the unique ability to react with properties of the concrete itself.


Concrete Cure should be applied to surfaces free of paints, coatings or other foreign materials. Concrete Cure is effective on some highly porous surfaces but will not seal large visible cracks. Concrete Cure should be applied as directed and should not be mixed with any other material.


Safe and Economical
Allows for proper hydration
Assures full strength development
Prevents scaling and hair checking
Easy spray application
Dries quickly
Wax free


Dilutant: None. Use as supplied
Freeze Temp: 32°F
Freeze Harm: None
Coverage per U.S. gallon: 150-350 s.f.
Clean-Up: Water
Shelf Life: 24 months
Odor: None
Toxicity: None
Flammability: None
Fumes: None
pH: 11-13


Horizontal Surfaces
Concrete Cure should be applied after the setting of the cement and within 24 to 36 hours after the evaporation of the surface water sheen and when the surface of the concrete will not be marred by foot traffic.
Vertical Surfaces
Concrete Cure should be applied immediately after the forms have been removed.


Concrete Cure should not be applied if temperatures are at or expected to be below freezing within 24 hours of application or if rain is expected within 24 hours. Materials to be treated must be dry prior to application. Contact the manufacturer or your distributor for use in high moisture conditions before use.


1. Shake Well Before Use.
2. Do not dilute or mix Concrete Cure with any other material. Use as supplied.
3. Apply product with low pressure spray and fan nozzle, sufficient to saturate the surface and assure adequate penetration. Do not allow to puddle on horizontal surface; brush out with mop or broom.
4. Normal applications require a single application. Apply liberally and saturate all areas, Vertical surfaces should be applied from bottom to top allowing an approximate 6 inch run down before absorption.
5. Concrete contaminated with grease, oil or mineral salts will have some of the material brought to the surface after application of Concrete Cure. Should evidence of this be seen, flush surface with water to remove material and reapply Concrete Cure after flushing and when surface is dry?
6. Normal penetration of Concrete Cure is 2-4 hours. Limited foot traffic is permissible after 30 minutes.


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