Concrete Prep



National Guardian Concrete Prep is an alkali rich additive for concrete, stone or other cementitious material which has lost natural free alkali properties due to weathering, continuous moisture saturation, migration or formulation. Concrete Prep provides the necessary component for treating these types of materials for moisture resistant results.


Concrete Prep is a highly concentrated blend of alkali-rich material in a water base, specially blended to be compatible with the Concrete Prep Concrete Treatment components.


Concrete Prep should be applied to surfaces that have been properly prepared to accept the Concrete Prep Concrete Treatment, that is, surfaces free from paints, oils, coatings or other foreign materials. Concrete Prep should be used as supplied and mot mixed with any other material.


Dilutant: None. Use as supplied
Freeze Temp: 32 °F
Freeze Harm: None
Coverage per U.S. gallon: 150-350 s.f.
Clean-Up: Water
Shelf Life: 24 months
Odor: None
Toxicity: None
Flammability: None Fumes: None pH: 11-13


Existing Surfaces
Applications requiring the use of Concrete Prep should be cleaned and free from any foreign matter or surface coating.

New Surfaces
New surfaces and applications need no prior preparation.


Concrete Prep may be applied indoors or outdoors, on or above grade and in vertical usages. Concrete Prep should not be applied if temperatures are at or expected to be below freezing within twenty-four hours of application or if rain is expected within twenty-four hours of use. Materials to be treated should be dry prior to application.


1. Shake well before use. Some components will not dissolve and will remain at the bottom of the pail.
2. Do not dilute or mix Concrete Prep with any other material.
3. Do not use Concrete Prep with any product other than Concrete Prep products.
4. Apply liberally by low pressure spray sufficient to saturate the surface and assure adequate penetration. Do not allow to puddle on horizontal surface; brush out with mop or broom.
5. In applications where excessive moisture or seepage is present, additional applications may be required.
6. Apply Concrete Prep Concrete Treatment to materials before applying Concrete Prep.
7. Concrete Prep should be applied to surfaces after complete penetration and absorption of Concrete Treatment and while the Concrete Treatment is still wet.


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