FlexCure Coating



FlexCure Coating is a specially formulated compound used to provide a waterproof vinyl rubber membrane across roofing materials, wood, concrete, stucco or masonry as a barrier to moisture penetration and damage when applied by roller or brush.

FlexCure Coating is characterized by the following:

– Fluid applied coating
– Rapid cure time
– Excellent adhesion
– Tintable
– Non toxic and non hazardous
– High elongation and bridging qualities.

Prime examples for the use of FlexCure Coating include: metal roofing to waterproof fasteners and seams, bridging gaps in wooden roofing or as a membrane seamless roof on plywood substrate, pools and fountain liners and membrane moisture barriers for below grade walls (positive side only).


FlexCure Coating is a fluid applied compound of vinyl and rubber copolymers which cure to form an impervious barrier to moisture penetration. FlexCure Coating is a proprietary product manufactured under a closely held process and does not fall into a specific generic classification.


When properly applied and cured, FlexCure Coating provides an impervious barrier to moisture penetration on protected surfaces. Surfaces to be treated should be clean, dry, structurally sound and free from dirt, grease, debris or other foreign materials. FlexCure Coating is effective over hairline cracks but gaps wider than 0.3 mm should be patched or repaired. The use of silicone sealers or joint compounds are not permitted. Larger gaps may be bridged with FlexCure Coating by mesh screening laid in a wet coat of FlexCure Coating with a second coat applied to the mesh when the first has dried. FlexCure Coating will not prevent moisture penetration due to faulty construction, improper application or structural damage.


Dilutant: Water
Freeze Temperature: 32°F
Freeze Harm: None
Solvent for Clean-up: Water
Color Solution: White
Shelf Life: 12 months


Viscosity: 125 – 135 ku %
Elongation: 263
Permeability @ 25 mil dry film: 0.6-0.73
Tensile Strength: 288 psi
Resistance to Ponding Water: 0.028g/24 hrs/25 sq.cm


Field of Application
FlexCure Coating may, in principle, be applied to all concrete, mortar, stucco, stone and shingle building materials. The ease of application, preparation requirements, etc., will vary with materials and site conditions. Environment FlexCure Coating should not be applied when the following conditions exist: wet or frozen substrate, surface or air temperature below 45 °F or expected to fall below 45°F or rain expected within 24 hours of application.

Condition of Substrate
All surfaces should be in good repair prior to application. It is good practice to make a test application to determine bond quality to all substrates prior to a general application. On new surfaces, allow 28 days for concrete and 7 days for mortar to cure before application of FlexCure Coating.


FlexCure Coating may be applied by roller or brush to result in a dry mil thickness of 10 to 12 mils. It is suggested that, for thicker coats, several thin applications should be made in place of a single thick layer for a smoother finish. Coverage will be between 70 and 90 square feet per gallon.


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