Water Repellent



National Guardian Water Repellent is a specially formulated compound used for making on or above grade mineral building materials water repellent. It has excellent penetrating characteristic for long lasting protection against water and moisture problems and is compatible with all commonly used adhesives and mastics.

National Guardian Water Repellent is characterized by the following properties:

– Rapid water repellency
– Dries glossless and colorless
– NO V.O.C
– Solvent free
– Non toxic, non hazardous
– Use on dry or slightly damp surface


National Guardian Water Repellent is a chemically active material that hydrolyzes under the influence of atmospheric moisture. It is a clear, non yellowing liquid which chemically bonds to the surface without any apparent discoloration.


National Guardian Water Repellent protects mineral masonry against penetration by external moisture. Surfaces to be treated must be free of paint and other foreign materials. National Guardian Water Repellent is effective on fine, hairline cracks; however defects wider than 0.3mm should be properly patched or repaired. National Guardian Water Repellent should be applied as directed and not diluted or mixed with any other liquid or material.

NOTE: No product can prevent moisture leakage due to faulty construction or structural damage. Water repellants are not effective where conditions of standing water or hydrostatic pressure occur. National Guardian Water Repellent may be specified for interior use.


Dilutant: None
Color: Clear
Freeze Point: 32°F
Freeze Harm:
None Odor: None
Toxicity: None
Shelf Life: 12 months


Fields of Application
National Guardian Water Repellent may, in principle, be applied to all absorbent mineral building material. The ease and depth of penetration will vary considerably between different materials.

Substances especially suitable are:

– All Types of Concrete
– Mortar and Plaster
– Concrete Floor Patch Materials
– Brick, Stone, Sandstone, Tile


National Guardian Water Repellent should not be applied when the following conditions exist: Wet or frozen substrate, surface or air temperature below or expected to drop below 45°F. within 24 hours of application.


Keep container tightly closed during storage to avoid contact with air or water. For spray applications, maintain adequate ventilation and utilize appropriate protective measures (goggles, vapor mask, etc.) to minimize contact with mist. Prevent overspray on glass, ceramic or metals.


Surfaces to be treated must be in good repair prior to application. Care must be taken that any and all joints, junctions and seams are in good order and appropriately sealed. Apply all sealants prior to application. It is good practice to make a test application prior to general application.

All patching, leveling and repair work must be completed prior to application and done according to manufacturer’s directions and be fully cured or set.


Prior to application, all surfaces must be clean and free from any foreign matter or surface coating (paint, oil, epoxies, grease, efflorescence, etc.) Use appropriate methods and materials to the type of matter and substrate.


Allow 28 days for new concrete and 7 days for mortar prior to application.


National Guardian Water Repellent may be applied by low pressure spray, roller or other applicator. One coat is sufficient for most surfaces. Do not allow puddles on surfaces – brush out any product not absorbed into substrate. Product consumption will vary between 150 and 250 s.f. per gallon depending on porosity and method of application. Allow no more than 250 s.f. per gallon.


Where conditions require the use of two applications the second coat may be applied when the first has been absorbed into the surface but not dried. Apply evenly and maintain good overlaps in all directions.


Clearly mark stopping point as treated surfaces will appear untreated when product has dried.


Clean up tools with water. Do not re-use roller covers. Clean overspray immediately with water and wipe dry.


Normal drying time for one coat applications is 2 to 3 hours. Allow additional time if more than one application is used. Weather and temperature will affect drying time. Always test with moisture meter for full drying prior to adhesive application. Always buff the treated surface with a red or green buffing pad and test for adhesives compatibility prior to general application of adhesives.

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